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Baseball for All Girls’ Tournament

Elise has always loved baseball, and recently has been given the opportunity to play with an all girls baseball team based in Boston – the Boston Slammers. Elise is very excited to play her favorite sport with girls who share her passion, and she is even more excited to play in an all girls baseball tournament this summer with the Boston Slammers in Rockford, Illinois. The tournament will take place over 5 days in July, and is hosted by Baseball for All, an organization devoted to giving girls the opportunity to play baseball. In order to participate in the tournament, the Boston Slammers will need to raise $20,000 to pay for the necessities that come with trips like this. Each girl has taken it upon themselves to raise a portion of the needed money, and it is hoped that each girls portion of the money will be raised by June 1, 2017. This is the only tournament of its nature in the country, so it is a tremendous opportunity for these girls. Please help us get all of the girls to it! For more information, check the gofundme page

Creek Bridge High School Baseball

Hi, my name is Paul Puccinelli the Head Baseball Coach at Creek Bridge Middle High School. We are a small, class A school in very rural Marion Sc. We are a school and athletic department in need of any help you can offer. Sadly we are a team that is struggling for both talent and resources, and although talent is what helps win games, resources are what help build teams up. I am asking you for any help you can offer us as we try and get uniforms for our student athletes including basic needs like gloves and cleats, as well as new jackets for our varsity players. If possible we’d love to be able to buy new uniforms as well, but none of us are greedy and would love anything we can to make our kids shine.
One of the biggest obstacles we face here in Marion, is the underlying feeling of deflation and defeat our kids arrive to school with every day, a problem not only faced on the sports field but in the classroom. If you “hear you are not good enough” time and time again, eventually even the strongest begin to question themselves. Our kids are constantly told their not special or not valuable, and I want to show them with this silly token like new uniforms that they are special to me and they are a Somebody.  For more information, check the gofundme page.


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