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Jimmy Monahan


Jimmy Monahan is 13 years old and lives in Orange County, CA.  From the sound of it, he has a great understanding of the game. Read about what he believes got him this far and his advice to younger players…I am sure every coach would love to have a player with this type of attitude and work ethic. Good luck Jimmy!!

TheRustyArm: Where do you currently play baseball?

Jimmy: Currently I play for Baseball West Coast in Irvine, CA.

TheRustyArm: What position(s) do you play?

Jimmy: The positions I play are Pitcher and Outfield.

TheRustyArm: When did you start playing baseball?

Jimmy: I started playing baseball when I was 4 years old.

TheRustyArm: When did you start playing travel baseball?

Jimmy: I started playing travel ball when I was 10 years old.

TheRustyArm: Do you play any sports besides baseball?

Jimmy: I also play soccer along with baseball.

TheRustyArm: Do you have private instructions or lessons?

Jimmy: I take private instruction for pitching with Tom Saenz and hitting with Mike Rouse.

TheRustyArm: What quality or trait do you believe got you this far?

Jimmy: The trait that I think got me this far in sports is the fact that I can listen really well and then apply it to the matter at hand.

TheRustyArm: Can you name a coach/parent/mentor that has been instrumental in your development and how?

Jimmy: The one coach that has always stood out to me is my pitching coach Tom Saenz. The reason I would chose him is not just the fact that he has made me a better pitcher, but he also talks to me about the mental part of the game.

TheRustyArm: What is one piece of advice you would give to younger players today?

Jimmy: One piece of advice that I would tell younger players is that you can’t just put in work during practice and games, but also at home, like hitting off the tee or finding a friend and going to the park to throw long toss.

TheRustyArm: What is one thing your parent(s) have done or said that supported you in baseball?

Jimmy: The thing that I appreciate about my parents is the fact that my parents take the time out of their day to drive me to practices and lessons.

TheRustyArm: What do you hope to accomplish in your baseball career?

Jimmy: In my baseball career, I just hope I can have a career I can be proud of later in life.

TheRustyArm: What are your future goals?

Jimmy: My future goals in life are to not only have a good career in baseball, but also have a job that I can enjoy.

Catch a game and support Jimmy at Baseball West Coast, Irvine.


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